Restaurants in Diani Beach

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The Anchor (within SeArenity) [favorite]

The newest addition to Diani's Restaurant Scene is one you definitely have to check out! "The Anchor" is a Fine Dining spot similar to "Sails" and "Asha Bistro", but does a lot more better than those two places (as for now, January 2024). The Menu might seem too big at a first glance, but fear not. Everything that comes to the table is prepared with lots of precision, know-how and a mouth-watering amount of those Indian/Swahili Spices needed to make want to explore all of their dishes.

Despite being a Seafront Property and nice Sea Views, the Beach is rather far away. The Advantage is that you are protected against the strong Sea Breeze.

Definitely try to order one of the Desserts - The Dessert Menu alone is one of the most creative to be found in Diani. Food-wise, this is by far the best quality in Diani.

- Price: $$$$ - Style: Fine Dining - [At the Sea ]

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood, Vegetarian, Curries, Steak, Pizza, Burger, Cocktails Desserts - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Pita Pan [favorite]

Pita Pan is a Bistro that serves great Coffee & Breakfast delights as well as Lebanese-inspired dishes from crispy Fish Fingers, healthy salads, crunchy samosas to "to die for" Shawarmas and Spring Chicken. Sadly only opened from 9 am to 5 pm and closed on Sundays.

- Price: $$ - Style: Middle East

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 3/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood, Snacks, Street Food, Salads, Burger, Coffee Specials - [Breakfast, Lunch]

Asha Bistro [favorite]

Probably the best location of any restaurant in Diani Beach: At Asha Bistro, you sit two meters directly above the Beach and have the most magnificent look at the Indian Ocean -  just 1km away from our place. The menu has a lot of choices...creative starters, fresh salads, seafood cooked to perfection as well as beef, chicken & veggie options. The local Swahili Cuisine can not taste much better than there. The only issue: the food takes forever to come, because they prepare nearly everything once you order. Fresher than fresh. Must try: The Ginger Crab, the Curries. Careful: On Fridays, the have BBQ nights (1.500 ksh per Person/ All you can eat). Usually very crowded, so please book ahead. Breakfast Time starts daily at 7am for 1.000 ksh per Person including aromatic coffee.

- Price: $$$$ - Style: Fine Dining - [At the Sea ]

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 4/5 - Location: 5/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood, Steak, Vegetarian, Beef, Chicken, Desserts - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Soul Breeze Beach Resort

Do you love Bali/Indie/Hippie/Authentic African/ Vibes and Experiences? Here you go A 10 – 15 minutes drive with a Tuk Tuk away, Soul Breeze Beach Resort welcomes you in Galu Beach with it's own private beach, sun beds, a bar, wash rooms to get changed after a dip in the sea and lots of Watersport Activities.

With a complete breakfast for 750 Sh, main courses starting at 700 Sh and lots of freshly charcoal-grilled seafood, there is not a lot to complain about. The quality is much better than those low prices would indicate - especially the Coconut Beans & Pizzas! A relaxed atmosphere to unwind and to enjoy the sea breeze. The service is slow - "hakuna matata!"

- Price: $ - Style: Swahili - [At the Sea ]

- Food: 4/5 - Service: 2/5 - Location: 5/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- BBQ Seafood; Swahili Cuisine; Pizza; Burgers; Cocktails - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Party Nights]

Piri Pirie's Bar & Restaurant

"Piri Pirie's" delivers a wide range of British to Swahili Dishes, prepared to match high quality standards, that remain relatively constant over the years. They sometimes host Quiz Nights, Hockey Nights and for even more fun check their Facebook Page please. They also broadcast a variety of Sports like Football at the Bar (that also has tasty Cocktails prepared by a talented mixologist). There is a big playground for children in the back. Must try: Crab au Gratin, Steak “Piri Pirie”, Fish & Chips. They offer gluten-free, vegan and lots of vegetarian options as well!

Breakfast starts at 7.00 am - and is available the whole day, too!

- Price: $$ - Style: European/Swahili

- Food: 4/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood, Steak, Chicken, Burgers, Vegetarian, Curries, Desserts - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]


The K

One of the newer additions to Diani: The K! The first Korean restaurant might easily be overseen because of the unappealing location next to the busy main road. But in the evening, when traffic calms down, it is a nice place to sit, also due to the tasteful interior & furniture.

The menu has limited options to chose from. Its a big pro, because each dish is served with the utmost love for details and completely fresh and tasteful. While many Asian Cuisines seem to be famous for the use of lots of hot spices, the Chefs at "The K" do not overdo it. Everything is a delight on its own and a lovely culinary safari to Korea. And don't worry, if you cannot manage to eat with Chop Sticks, regular cutlery can be requested.

- Price: $$ - Style: Fine Dining

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood, Korean/Asian, Vegetarian - [Lunch, Dinner]


You are on vacation, so you have time, yes? Yes? Then go here. The preparation time is absolutely insane on many days, but the dishes taste great. The menu comes with so many options, that everyone will find something. The pizzas are "okayish", but everything else is truly worth the long, long time you spend waiting. Try the Quesadillas and Seafood Options! Breakfast is great, too.

- Price: $$$ - Style: Fusion

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 1/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Seafood; Steak; TexMex; Chicken; Pizza; Burgers; Cocktails - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Jolly Pizzera

No place in the world would be complete without an Authentic Italian Pizza place! Jolly's is just that. You can even order by phone and get it delivered to your doorstep. They have plenty of great pizza choices, with homemade mozzarella and imported, Italian ingredients. While the prices are higher than in other places, but you definitely pay a fair price for what you get. Special recommendation - go on a Thursday and try the oven-baked pork shanks.

- Price: $$$ - Style: Italian

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 5/5 -

- Pizza, Focaccia, Salads, limited Pesce & Carne Options - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Kokkos Café Bistro

Opposite Chandarana Shopping Center is the place for all who carve for something sweet. They offer all sorts of cakes (also Take-Away is possible) and probably the best Coffee in Diani. The Breakfast Options are fine, the mains as well. You will get a mix of Indian/Swahili Food Options like Samosa & Falafel, but also a great variety of Pasta Dishes, Sandwiches and Burgers. You must definitely try the curries, as they are among the best in Diani! Also: Go here if you fancy a quick bite. Extremely fast service and preparation times!

Breakfast available at 7.30 am!

- Price: $$$ - Style: Indian/Swahili

- Food: 4/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 3/5 - Value: 4/5 -

- Cakes; Coffee Specialties; Burgers; Sandwiches; Seafood; Swahili Bites, BBQ Days - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]


Apero can be found in front of Chandarana Supermarket - about 800 mtrs South of our Apartments. The quality of the various dishes remains on a solid high - including daily specials that shouldn't be missed. It is often rated as one of the best restaurants in Diani Beach, so it is very crowded and you should definitely make a reservation to a get a table on most day. The seafood gratin served in a shell is must-try, as well as the steaks.

We are pretty disappointed in the breakfast options (January 2024) and therefor do not recommend it as a breakfast place. Kokkos and Havanna Bar are just across the street!

- Price: $$$ - Style:Swahili/Fusion

- Food: 4/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 4/5 -

- Seafood; Steak; Daily Specials; Pasta; Sandwiches; Cocktails - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Sails Restaurant

Welcome to the most exklusive restaurant of Diani. The chef got his Diploma in South Africa, worked for Jamie Oliver in Manchester and returned back to Kenya in 2017. Since this time, many, many guests enjoyed his creations while sitting near to the sea at this place called Sails Restaurant in Galu. The menu is surprisingly un-creative, offering mainly sea food and half of it “just” grilled. The dessert options are even more limited. However, all what you order will be above good and sometimes even perfect. The cold seafood chowder, Baked Crab and Oysters are our recommendation – however, we cannot fully support the hype that exists around this place. You can get nearly the same menu for a little less money directly at the sea at “The Edge” without having to book a table days in advance.

- Price: $$$$ - Style: Fine Dining - [At the Sea ]

- Food: 5/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 4/5 - Value: 4/5 -

- Seafood, Steak, Vegetarian, Desserts - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Shan -E- Punjab Restaurant

Since “African Pot” started to disappoint more and more we found a valuable new place that serves the food in the traditional earthen pots: Punjab Restaurant .Try not be influenced by the fact that there are nearly no other guests dining and that the setting is not the loveliest: The food is worth a visit for everyone who enjoys Indian (Punjabi) Food. Must Try: The Goat Curries! The starters!

- Price: $ - Style: Indian

- Food: 4/5 - Service: 4/5 - Location: 3/5 - Value: 4/5 -

- Curries with Beef, Chicken, Fish or Veggies, Indian Snacks, Desserts - [Lunch, Dinner]

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar is directly next to the noisy main road (and only 200m away from us)– but fear not, the atmosphere of this place is both comforting and vibrant at the same time. The big boss is from Belgium and he invented some sort of Fusion style menu: Belgian Fries (the best Chips in Diani) meet Swahili dishes. European (fast food-ish) recipes get improved by Kenyan spices. Better than the regular menu are the creative Daily Specials. Check out their Facebook Page or Blackboard.

Sadly, the quality declined over the years and as of right now (2024), we cannot recommend it by heart especially compared to the many good other places in Diani. The food is more bland while the prices have been raised drastically. However, sometimes there is great live music and bar and on some Sundays they have All you can eat-Events that are really recommendable considering the price/value offered.

- Price: $$$ - Style: Belgium/Fusion

- Food: 3/5 - Service: 5/5 - Location: 3/5 - Value: 3/5 -

- Seafood; Steak; Daily Specials; Pasta; Fries; Sandwiches; Cocktails - [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Going-Out & Nightlife Tips

Sadly, “Forty Thieves” the most famous, old institution of Diani Beach for all self-proclaimed dancing Queen and night owls, remains closed for now (January 2024). However, “Shakatak”, the disco that was shut down for a few months, has finally been re-opend.

We recommend to follow Facebook Groups like “Diani WhatsUp” during your stay in Kenya to be informed about local events, such as the Nomad Kite Cup, specials DJs coming to town or concerts with Live-Bands.

For examples, on many Sundays, there is either a DJ, musician or Band playing live from 2pm onwards at Soul Breeze Beach Resort in Galu.

At Bahari Dhow (African Oasis), every Sunday (during High Season also Saturdays) plays an African Live Band. Sea front musical delight until 6pm. The food is not recommendable, service is slow but the Cocktails are okay. With special Kid’s programme.

We also recommend to check out Safari Beach Hotel – they often host Special Events. The food is mostly recommendable – sadly the quality can be 5/5 on one day and 2/5 on the next. Long waiting times, slow service. Magnificent Sea View, directly at the beach. Free Sun Beds under the shade of palm trees. Clean Wash Rooms and Swimming Pool. Perfect to spend a full day at the beach. Or to pre-game…


Tandoori is where the locals & tourists from all over the world meet. Play pool, watch sports & have a drink. Or two, or three, or four. The biggest Partys of Diani start at 10 pm from Friday – Sunday. Dance to through the night to African Music. The place to be for old & young. If you are a single man & woman: Careful, everyone will love to chat with you. If you do not want this happen, to party in Diani will be exhausting to you....


If you need a swimming pool to party & want to celebrate surrounded by nearly only locals/Kenyan: Manyatta got your back.

Its nowadays even busier than "Tandoori" and another great place to meet men and / or women ....