We collected many ideas on how to spend two, three or more weeks in Diani Beach without ever feeling bored. Hopefully you get an impression on the plenty activities and experiences Diani Beach has to offer. All is relatively close to our affordable holiday home - Frangipani Cottages -  and we are happy to help you plan your Half Day or Full Day Safaris.


Visit Animal Parks nearby

Whether you travel with children, don't go on a Safari to Tsavo, Amboseli or Masai Mara or just can't get enough of the beautiful wildlife of Kenya - Bora Bora Park has you covered. A guided tour through the park to meet Giraffes, Zebras, Crocodiles (weekly feeding on Wednesday at 3pm!), Primates, Wild Boars, Terrapins, Tortoises, Guinea Fowls, Peafowls and dozens of different bird species.

It is about 20 driving minutes from us and due to the bumpy road we recommend to hire a taxi. Make sure to visit the Pallet Café on your way back!

Time: 10 am - 8 pm

Price: Residents - 12-99+ years Sh 750; 4-12 Sh 250

Non-Residents 12-99+ 20 USD, 4-12 years 10 USD

We can also make a reservation for your very own, private Graffe Bush Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner event.

Location: [ Google Maps Link ]

Bush Baby Feeding

Every evening at 7 pm, you can participate for free and without reservation in the daily Bush Baby Feeding at Stilts Backpackers! Go early if you wish to see them for longer, as many of them can't wait to be fed. Also, take care of your cocktails and food (the dishes are recommendable, affordable and a very authentic replication of basic Kenyan Cuisine) - some are naughty little Bush Babies - also known as Galagos - and like to steal!

Time: Everyday at 7pm

Location: [ Google Maps Link ]

Diani Beach Activity Bush Baby Feeding

Sunrise at the Beach

Diani Beach is on the East Coast of Africa - so it is one of the best places to witness the most stunning, mysterious and beautiful sunrises. Don't miss is, even if to wake up early is doesnt sound right for a vacation trip.

Best Time: February - September start latest at 5:45 am | October - January start latest at 5.30 am

Location: Anywhere at the Beach! Our Holiday Homes Direct Beach Access is only 700 meters away.

Sunrise Diani Beach Frangipani Cottages

Day at the Beach

Lean back, watch the magnificent Indian Ocean while your feet are buried in the sand. Get served cocktails, cold beer, tasteful treats - A half or full day at the beach is the definition of relaxation. Luckily, many hotels offer access for daily visitors so that you can use their sun beds, swimming pools, buffets and so on.

Sunset Cruise at the Sea

Join the Diani Jahazi Adventure!

Whether it is a wedding or honeymoon cruise, a full moon cruise or a snorkeling and sundowner cruise - in fact, the Jahazi crew can fulfill any of those and more requests. The regular offer for example a Sunset Cruise incudes Bitings & Soft Drinks as well as an unforgettable experience at the Ocean.

Price: Day Tour incl. Snorkeling & Sea Food Lunch @6000 Sh p.P.,

Sunrise or Sunset Cruise & Bitings @3000 Sh p.P.

Diani Jahazi Adventure Frangipani Cottages

Sunset Cruise on a River

The Kongo River, which is actually named Mwachema River, flows into the Indian Ocean and marks the Northern end of Diani Beach. You will start at the parking behind the Kongo Mosque, the last remaining ancient Swahili structure from the 16th century. Many people will approach you instantly to sell you a tour on the river - no need to make a reservation before. Bargain well and start your journey...

A guide will assist you to enter a traditional dug-out canoe. You will slowly cruise upstream as you birdwatch among the mangroves and enjoy the serene surroundings. Watch the mesmerizing sunset and then ride back to the beach. Total duration is about one hour and it is suitable for all ages. Bring floaties or a life jacket for infants.

Make sure to have a sundowner cocktail at Jacaranda Hotel's Beach Bar (also the food is lovely) or Estuary Beach Lounge.

Best Time: Start at about 4 - 5 pm. Less cloudy weather is better for a beautiful sunset.

Price: Don't be ripped off by greedy Beach Boys. Sh 500 per Person / about 1.000-1.500 Sh per Boat is a good reference for a One Hour Ride. If you wish to also visit the local village at the end of the river, pay more and start earlier.

Location: Kongo River/Estuary Beach Lounge

15 driving minutes away, access to the dugout boat near the Kongo Mosque Parking Space.

[ Google Maps Link ]

Africa Shaped Pool in Tiwi

During Low Tide, the Indian Ocean reveals a Pool shaped like Africa.

It was carved by the water and the wind out of coral reef and is to be found within the cliffs at Tiwi Beach. Whilst it is a nice walk at the Beach from Kongo Mosque, crossing over from Diani Beach side to Tiwi Beach, it can be dangerous to go alone. Robberies have been reported in the past. We recommend to go in a group or hire a local guide.

Best Time: Only visible during Low Tide. Check Tide Chart before

Location: Tiwi Beach

Use a Bolt or Uber to navigate there or walk from Kongo Mosque North to Tiwi

[ Google Maps Link ]

Full Moon Fine Dining at the Beach

The best things in life are in fact free: One example is the Full Moon rising above the Indian Ocean. On the first day, the "real" full moon with an Illumination of about 99,9% rises about 6 to 6.40pm and on the second day (still with an Illumination of more than 99,5%) it fits mostly better to have a romantic dinner at the sea - It then rises between 7 and 7.40pm depending on the month of the year.



Don't miss it! Here's the schedule for 2024:

Jan 25+26 July 21+22
Feb 24+25 Aug 19+20
March 25+26  Sep 18+19
Apr 24+25 Oct 17+18
May 23+24 Nov 16+17
Jun 22+23 Dec 15+16

Look at our Restaurant Recommendations in the next Tabs to find the perfect spot to attend its show!

Snorkeling on Robinson Island

Robinson Island is the fancy name for a sandbank close to the Beach. You do not have to book one of those Glass Bottom Boat Tours (about Sh 1000-Sh1500) if you don't like to sit in a larger group of other tourists. Also please be aware that if those operators try to impress tourists and lift star fish out of the water for fancy photos, the star fish will die. Please do not participate into such cruel activities that lead to the death of many local species.

There is also some fishermen that can take you to Robinson Island in a traditional boat - or you can rent a Kayak or SUP and explore on there own. And, because Robinson Island is very close, you can even walk+swim there during low tide  completely on your own 🙂 Make sure to bring your snorkeling equipment and shoes for sensible feet.

Time: During Low Tide

Location: Start opposite Safari Beach Hotel.

[ Google Maps Link with the Islands position ]

Day Trip to Wasini Island (Dolphin + Snorkeling)

One of our favorite Full Day Safaris around Diani Beach - Go to Kisite Marine Park for snorkeling, watch dolphins and visit Wasini Island for a scrumptious Seafood Lunch.

The following is included in this Safari package that can be booked with our receptionist:

  • 7 am: Pick up from your budget holiday accommodation Frangipani Cottages
  • 7 - 9 am: Drive through the morning sun through sugar cane fields and local villages until you reach Shimoni Harbour
  • 9 -9.30 am: Board the Dhow that will bring you to Kisite Marine Park. Snacks and Sodas are provided.
  • 9.30 am - 11 am: Look out for Dolphins! The chances to see them are about 80%. The crew will try there best to spot them while you head to the Kisite Marine Park.
  • 11 am - 12.30 am: Lots of time for snorkeling. Non-Swimmers will be helped by guides and a swim help to be able to experiences the wonders of the sea as well. People who do not like to get into the water can stay on the sand bank or on the boat.
  • 12.30 - 1.30 pm: The Boat takes you to Wasini Island
  • 1.30 - 2.30 pm: Seafood Lunch (also Veggie or Chicken is an option) and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the package. For Lobster or special juices you will have to top up. Alcohol is not served as Wasini Island is inhabited by a Muslim majority.
  • 2.30 - 3.00 pm: Option to look around the Island and see the village.
  • 3.00 - 5.00 pm: Head back to Shimoni Harbour and drive back to Diani Beach.

Send us a message to book this and get a current quote. The entrance fee to enter the Marine Park is included as well. Even Snorkeling Equipment is included.

Price: about Sh 8000 per Non-Residents (Adults) and about Sh 3500 for Citizen (Adults).

What do bring: Sun Protection! Sun Glasses! Towels! Swim Wear! Underwater Shoes can be a helpful add on. Otherwise take sandals. Change/Tips for the crew or top ups at the restaurant.

Day Trip to Shimba Hills (& Waterfall)

If you expect to have Game Drives like in Tsavo, Amboseli or Masai Mara, this is not the right place for you. The small Shimba Hills National Park offers great views, plenty of indigenous plants and jungle vibes, smaller animals like the endangered Sable Antelope, Waterbucks, Bush pigs, Hyenas, different monkeys and lots of birds.

Not to be missed is the approx. 30 min hike to the Sheldrick Waterfall - it's crystal clear water is great to refresh before many stairs have to be climbed to get up to the parking spot again.

We recommend to start as early as possible. After you spend 4 to 5 hours in the park, head to the Shimba Hills Green Lodge. The restaurant is really not good, but the views and the pool and the breeze make up for that just fine.

Send us a message if you wish to hire one of our known drivers for this Full Day Adventure!

Time: Start early! 6 am - 3pm or go to see the sunset...

Price: Park Fees Non-Residents: 22 USD per Person, Childen 13 USD per Person + Driving Fees (either Rental Car and drive on your own or one of our drivers (between 50 to 80 USD all in all), Shimba Hills Green Lodge around 13 USD per Person for Lunch + Pool Use.


Day Trip to Funzi Island & Gazi Mangrove Boardwalk

  •  to be updated

Bike Rent & Tours, Quad Tours

  • to be updated

Relaxing Massage

Ask our staff or Front Office Receptionist to call our best Massage Lady - Deborah (+254 722 847769) . She offers different types of massages, the most booked one being the one hour full body massage. Ease your back pain after a long flight or a Jeep Safari. It is an affordable, perfect early afternoon treat for only Sh 1.500 (Jan 2024).

Lazy Sundays

Great, joyful vibes ... Go and see the various Live Bands that play there each Sunday!  Football on the Beach, Locals and Tourists sitting together and enjoy cocktails and cold beer. The food is not recommendable and the service is slow. Go to the bar yourself and order.

Best Time: Sundays, after 4pm

Location: African Oasis Beach Bar within Bahari Dhow Beach Villas

[ Google Maps Link ]


Oven fresh Bread, Buns and more - the only place in Diani, where you can find a good selection of Ciabatta, Multigrain or Muesli Breads as well as Pretzels. Ask for more options - it is possible to place next day orders.
Location: Just 750 meters from your favorite Holiday Home. Inbetween Chandarana and Shree Supermarket [ Google Maps Link ]