Guide A – Z

Welcome to our affordable Holiday Home right in the center of Diani Beach! 

Our Frangipani Cottages team put together this little guide to help you get settled and feel as home as fast as possible.

Of course you can always contact our Receptionist if questions remain.



Check out our Diani Beach Activities sub-page for lots of various ideas how to spend your time in Diani. Including tips for Half and Full Day Safaris to nearby Points of Interest.


The nearest Airport is the Diani Airport (formerly known as Ukunda Airport), not even 5 driving minutes away from our Apartments. Daily non-stop flights to Nairobi (NBO & WIL) as well as Mombasa. Flight Safaris also depart directly from there - to Amboseli or Masai Mara.

Most international travelers arrive at the Mombasa Airport. It is about 40km North of Diani Beach. Due to the ferry's potentially long queue, please plan to leave at least 4 hours ahead of your flights departure time!


With a Visa Credit Card, the closest ATM is in front of Chandarana Supermarket.

For Mastercard, use the ATM i nfront of the Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in front of Carrefour Supermarket. If this doesn't work, head across the street to the ATM in front of ABSA Bank. However, DTB usually has less and sometimes no withdraw fees, while some guests reported a fee of 3 to 5 USD at other ATMs.



To change money, it is best to go to one of the banks. We can recommend both branches of NCBA as well as the bank in front of Chandarana Supermarket. Always bring your passport. If you happen to need Sh after the banks opening hours, visit Shree Supermarket and ask the Indian Owners to change - it works both with USD as well as with EUR and is usually the same exchange rate that is offered by banks.

Attention: If you visited Kenya a few years back and still have the old Sh 1.000 banknote - you cannot use it anymore and also no bank is allowed to take it/exchange it. The new Sh 1.000 banknotes have been implemented in 2019.


Take a look at our subpage for Restaurant Recommendations! Most great restaurants also offer the best choices of Cocktails.


You can borrow our charcoal grill for 600 Sh including charcoal. Please have a basket of water next to you for safety reason. Do not forget to put out the fire afterward and do not grill on the terrace but on the meadow next to the palm tree, please.

For great "nyama choma" prepared by someone other than yourself, visit Kokkos on Saturdays (Pork Ribs!), Asha Bistro on Friday (All you can eat!) and Eleven Pearl Restaurant on Sunday (also All you can eat!).


The beautiful Diani Beach is only 750 m away. Leave our compound, turn right and after 100m again right. Cross the main road and follow the sounds of the waves...

Do not buy shells sold at the beach. It is prohibited by law to import them into most countries of the world as taking them from the reef is destroying our environment.

Beach Boys

Nearly everyone at the beach will try to sell you something – souvenirs, boat trips, a story about their sick children – be considerate about whom you trust, bargain carefully (for example never give a Sh 1000 bank note and wait 3 days for change for that 100 Sh Coconut you wanted to buy...) and to not hesitate to say no, when you want to enjoy a peaceful walk at the beach. Especially women who travel alone will be a target.

We have had guests who loved Diani Beach and still concluded, that they will not return due to constantly being harassed and talked to  and followed at the Beach - Well, it is your own behavior that will have the biggest impact on your experiences. Be respectful and still strict: NO - Asante - Hakuna Pesa - Please let me enjoy my time on my own.

It works well. And while it might be overwhelming at first: It is not a dangerous place to walk around freely, neither during the morning hours nor during day time.


Our apartments are well suited for self-caterers, so we do not offer breakfast. However, we can recommend plenty of superb places to start the day.

At 7.00 am, "Kokkos" Bistro opens. Best coffee, lots of sweet cake options and various breakfast dishes - as well as as nearly all of their regular "day time" menu. Its not the best quality food-wise, but the coffee and cake makes up for it just fine.

Also good for an early start at 7.30 am is "Funky Monkey" - it has less boring, more interesting breakfast options than Kokkos. (e.g. Breakfast Burrito, Bowls, Pancakes, Vegan Options).

Finally there is "Piri Pirie's" - 7.30/8.00 am with treats like the Smoked Sailfish Scrambled Eggs or a classic Full English Breakfast - for only Sh 900.

If you have more time on your hands, go to "Havana Bar" - again a waste menu with plenty of breakfast options (Tacos, American Breakfast, English, Crepes...) and very, very good coffee.

For a very late breakfast, go and see "Pita Pan"s options. The best Smoothies, Shakshuka, Eggs Benedict and again - great Coffee (same owner as Kokkos).

For a more exclusive experience, head down to the beach where you can get a splendid all-you-can-eat breakfast directly above the sea. "Asha Bistro" is one of the most romantic and relaxing place that we know of.


You can buy fresh poultry and meat at Carrefour Supermarket or Naivas. Chandarana's products often seem less fresh/greyish even in the morning hours. Or head to the local butcher "Rongai" in Ukunda to see where the locals buy there treats. Its 100% only day to day products with great prices.


Car Rental

  • to be updated


Fierce Fighter Sandy

Four Rescue Cats live within the Frangipani Cottages & Garden. All of them are once a yearly vaccinated (of course also against rabies) and regularly dewormed. Brösel and Keks love cuddles the most and are the friendliest to strangers. Grandma Keks loves attention in form of food. If you can't get enough of them, check out our Cozy Cat House.

Please do not try to pet Sandy (pictured on the left).

She had a traumatizing childhood and nearly died as a kitten. While she will never attack someone on purpose, she doesn't understand if someone wants to pet her and can see it at a threat.

Check Out

Regular check-out time is 10 am. If you want to stay longer, please talk to the Receptionist or on-site staff at least two days prior to your departure day. It will only be possible, if there is no other arrival on this day. However, you can leave you luggage in a storage room to it pick up before 3 pm.
The latest possible check-out time you can request (without any surcharge) is 3 pm.

If you wish to have a guaranteed late checkout, it will be charged with 10 € until 3pm and half the daily rental rate if you plan to stay until 7pm of the day of departure.

During Check-Out, please inform the staff about any claims or problems that would keep you from giving us a 5 Star Review on Google or Airbnb - maybe a refund, talk or Coupon for your next stay with us can help? We'd appreciate if you take the time to rate us and give us the chance to become better and better! 🙂


Daily cleaning is included in the rental price. And YES - it does include dish washing!

Please talk to our staff if you have specific requests (for example want something to be done more thoroughly). The cleaning and exchange of towels and bed clothes is free of charge.

If the daily cleaning is not performed in the way you expect it, if anything is broken or if you have any other wishes, please reach out to our Receptionist or the Manager Mrs. Anne.



If you cause any damages to our apartments and its inventory, please inform the on-site staff about it. We will assess the damages and we will much less likely ask you to compensate for it, of course only if it exceed normal "wear and tear". For example any damages caused by monkeys that entered the apartment due to you leaving the door open, any missing items, broken items due to drug abuse/alcohol consumption...


Opposite of Chandarana supermarket is the nearest doctor in the Bahari Medical Clinic. Closed on Satursdays. Call +254 (0) 723 206130 to get an appointment. Conducting house calls as well. It is the most convenient, best medical service around to get a QUICK expertise. For heavier injuries or severe problems, head to the Diani Beach Hospital.


Environmental Protection

To help protect our environment, we do not change towels on a daily basis if you do not request it. Also, we use as less harmful cleaning products as possible, fill our swimming pool with water from the well and do not use herbicides in the garden. Single plastic items have been eliminated as good as possible.

We lay an eye on waste separation as well. Please separate the trash! Everything organic (incl. Food left-overs) has to be put into the provided compost bin. Plastic and Glass Bottles can be put into the provided baskets.



… is the name of the plants (also called plumeria) with those beautiful white blossoms you will find everywhere on our compound.



You are allowed to invite your friends to visit you in your holiday home, but the pool is only to be used by registered guests. Overnight guests have be registered and cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the apartments.

Please do not let any strangers on our compound and bargain with merchants and fishermen outside of the gate.



Call +254 (0) 700 999 999 in case of emergency. Diani Beach Hospital is the best place to attend for severe medical problems.

In most cases, great Doctors at the Bahari Medical Clinic will do just fine! Brillant diagnostics team.  Closed on Satursdays. Call +254 (0) 723 206130 to get an appointment - however, it is not needed for emergencies.

How expensive is a stay in Diani Beach?


Item  One Person  Two Persons
Flight Expenses

(Vienna-Mombasa, Frankfurt-Mombasa)

 650 €  1300 €
 Airport Transfer  34 €  34 €
 Apartment for 2 weeks (Self-Catering with Pool)  320 €  360 €
 Air Conditioner Use (8 hours a day)  50 €  50 €
 Tips  ?  ?
Breakfast at home (6 times) 40 € 60 €
Breakfast/late lunch at a restaurant, bistro ... (6 times) 50 € 100€
Lunch Snacks, Alcoholic Beverages (14 times) 140 € 200 €
Dinner at home (6 times) 80 € 120 €
3 Corse Dinner at a restaurant, bar, ... (6 times) 110 € 220 €
Full Day Snorkeling Safari + Dolphin Tour + Lunch 45 € 90 €
Cigarettes (40 pack) 40 € 80 €
3 Days 2 Nights Animal Safari to Tsavo East/West 550 € 980 €
Souvenirs 20 € 40 €
WiFi free free
Swimming Pool free free
Sea & Beach within 10 walking minutes free free
Warmth & Sunshine free free
Friendly Staff free free
TOTAL 2.130 € 3.635 €
TOTAL without Full Safari 1.580 €

(113 €/day)

2.655 €

(190 €/day)



We offer unlimited Wi-Fi services. Every Cottages has its own router connected via fiber glass to our Internet Provider. If it fails to work, please call the staff latest after 30 min of a persisting error! The technicians come in 9 of 10 cases on the same day to resolve the issue.

You can expect to get at least 13 Mbit/s Download and 12 Mbit/s Upload within our Networks.

To get your own SIM card and credit, we recommend the Telkom Shop, which you find at top of Carrefour. 30 GB (1 month) cost 3000 ksh, 10 GB (1 week) cost 1000 ksh.

Ironing service

If you pay for laundry service 700 ksh per basket, ironing service is possible. Please tell our maid exactly which clothes you want to be ironed. We do not take any responsibility for harms or losses, as she performs this task on her own behalf and has to be paid directly.



One basket of your laundry will be washed, dried and if requested also ironed for 700 ksh per basket/load. No guarantees for any losses or damages. It is done by the maids in there own private time, so please pay them directly in cash. Make sure to tell them about sensible items - or ask them to hand wash certain items.


Sadly, Kenya still clings to its colonial-era anti-LGBTQ laws and celebrates this gift of colonialization up today. Those laws sanction certain undisclosed sexual acts deemed to be “against the order of nature”. The Supreme Court pushed back a little in 2023 (saying that any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is against the constitution), but the public opinion is still that the threat posed by "gayism" to "African values" that was taught by the Victorian colonialists, is real.

Frangipani is a safe space for each and any individual. But please remember, that many same-sex activities are not legal within Kenya and keep public displays of affection to a minimum.

Luggage Storage

You can keep your luggage securely stored away in our storage room if you want to enjoy Diani after the → check-out time.



Problems? Questions? Please talk to our on-site staff or our (Online) Receptionist Florence first. Florence knows Diani Beach very well can provide you with helpful insights to make your holiday here in Diani Beach even more beautiful.

Mrs. Anne (+254 (0) 714 201 175) is the Manager and is your contact in times of need. We kindly ask you to reach out to her or to us if you are facing any kind of problems, as we would be glad to resolve them during your stay.

You can also reach the Management via booking@frangipani-cottages and via



You can park your car in front of our compound on both sides of the street. Our night guard will watch it and protect it with his knife/life.


Pharmacies are to be found in front Chandarana Supermarket as well as within Diani Shopping Center. Also all supermarkets sell painkillers, anti-mosquitos spray, flu medication at a more affordable rate than the Chemist.

Our recommendation for the best service, a well-maintained (cooled!) stock  as well as the possible to get prescriptions from a Doctor on the spot is vis à vis Chandarana / on top of Bahari Clinic / next to Kokkos Bistro on the 2nd floor. It is called Axita Pharmacy ( Google Maps Link ).


We charge only your power usage usually separate from the rental price IF you decide to use the Air Conditiners.

1 kWh is charged with 25 Sh. You can check your usage at the power meter in your apartment at all times.

Power Interruptions

KPLC, the Kenyan power company, is not yet the world's greatest force when it comes to constant power supply. However, they nowadays inform us about long power interruptions in advance.
Take a look at:
We do not have a generator, because power interruptions got less and less in the past years.

Only our Cozy Cat House has an inverter system to have the security lights and alarm system up and running at all times. If you wish to charge your phone, you can use the sockets on this terrace (please speak to the tenants first if the Cozy Cat Hse is occupied).

We provide one or two candles at the beginning for your stay. Make sure to buy your own or even a torch to be prepared the best way possible. But worry not, we have not even 3 power interruptions per year that last longer than 5 hours.


If you miss anything in your apartment, have questions or requests to make, please to not hesitate to ask. 6 days a week you can go to the chambermaids, get in touch with our Receptionist or  to call the Manager Mrs. Anne for you if any incidents or questions remain unsolved. → Management



We created a sub-page about Restaurants to give you all of our recommendations and insight on the breakfast, lunch and dining options in Diani.

If you stay here for just a few days, here is a sum up on what NOT to miss whilst with us:

  • The Anchor @ SeArenity Hotel - sharing plates are a must try. $$$
  • Havana Bar - it takes ages for the food to come, but it is just too perfect to miss and has a wide range of offers. $$$
  • Mvureni Fishermen Restaurant - sit at the sea and enjoy this authentic, local joint with fresh seafood and more. $$
  • Pita Pan - for Lebanese Lunch Treats and best Coffee & Smoothies. $
  • Asha Bistro - for the best sea views and exquisite, international dishes. $$$$


You might find cheaper or more expensive offers for your apartment on various internet sites. Rates changes due to last-minute offers, long-term stays, low and high season. You can make inquiries directly via our Contact Page to try and get the best deal possible.

We are frequently asked why our Rental Price for the Apartments here in the Heart of Diani Beach is so low or if it is just for one person:

No. For starting at 23 Eur per Night - that is inclusive of up to 2 adults and 1 child up to 12 years of age - this is the best low budget solution there is! Safe, Clean, with a swimming Pool and friendly staff.



Our guests enjoy two things the most: Completely private Safari Tours with a Jeep and a reliable, experienced driver to guide them. When you book in local offices, you can end up in a Minibus with other people, you can have a bad driver or you can have a good driver but a bad spotter/safari guide. To help avoid this, talk to our Receptionist for recommendations, the best trips and even budget solutions. We have 10 years+ of experience to find the best individual solution to meet your expectations.

If you wish to book the Safari on your own, please talk to our best Safari Partner in Diani Beach:


Fishermen will pass by from time to time and offer their goods at the gate. If you are interested in buying, you can also tell our staff to look out for fishermen.
Before you buy anything make sure it is fresh. Clear eyes and red gills are good indicators. Also it should not smell too fishy or be cold (which means they have been kept in a freezer for who knows how long of a time).

Here are some prices you should be able to bargain:
Fish (White Snapper, Red Snapper, Taffi … ) 400 – 500 ksh per kilo
Squids/octopus/calamari 400 – 500 ksh per kilo
Prawns 1000 – 1800 ksh per kilo
You can ask the fishermen to clean and scale the sea food for you. They also cut fillets from the whole fish. Our staff will most likely love to take the leftovers (head) home for a fish soup, so you do not have to throw away anything, please!

Our favorite fish is White Snapper (light taste, white meat) and the Taffi, a local fish which might not look like much but has a firm, white meat and not too many scales. Perfect to fry as a whole or even put on our BBQ.


During the check-in you will be showed the alarm button(s) in your apartment/house. They are connected to the local security company Group 4. We also have a night guard who will be there from 7pm to 7am.
Always! lock the main gate when leaving or entering the property, even when you find it open (because another guest might have forgotten to close).


Please take a look on our sub-page "Activities" → Shopping.


Smoking is allowed everywhere on our compound and in the apartments as well as in all public places and restaurants in Kenya.
You can purchase cigarettes for 360 Sh per package in every supermarket, usually at the cashiers place. Marlboro White and Marlboro Red is available only upon request at Shree Supermarket.

Rastafari Cigarettes are not allowed to be smoked at the pool or anywhere else publicly visible, as it might violate the ethical principals of other guests - and its theoretically speaking an illegal activity within Kenya.


Souvenirs can be bought in boutiques or in local shops (the ones next to the main road). Boutiques are far more expensive, but in local shops you have to bargain for a long time to get a realistic price. Merchant might ask you to pay more than the double.

A recent (2024) example: A client wanted to buy small snake boxes to bring home to his kids. The trader in one of the street shops asked for Sh 6.000. The same product can be bought even within Carrefour Supermarket for Sh 350. She was not willing to even go down to Sh 600 per piece, as the client wanted to give her the business and not the big supermarket chain. He went to another salesman one street shop ahead of hers and bought them for Sh 500.

Kangas and Kikoys, these colorful cloth locals are wearing, do not cost more than 600 ksh; hand-carved key chains with your name not more than 200 ksh.

Big shells sold at the beach are not allowed to import in most countries of the world. Their harvesting harms the environment. Please do not support it.



Call on of our trusted drivers to go
to the Mombasa Airport: 6000 ksh - Mombasa SGR Train Station: 6500 Sh

Juma: +254 (0) 727 435 993

Moses: +254 (0) 726 843 238

You can also contact our Receptionist to book a taxi for you.


To buy a SIM card for your mobile, drive to Carrefour. On the first floor is an Telkom shop where you can get a card for free. You have to bring your passport as well. Safaricom is also a reliable provider and there you can register the mobile Payment system Mpesa, that is widely used throughout whole Kenya.


Once you arrive, you will be given clean towels. Put them on the floor or inform our maid if you want them to be replaced. Please bring your own Beach Towels to use outside of the compound.

Train Connections

Our receptionist can assist you on booking tickets for the SGR train that operates between Nairobi and Mombasa. The journey takes 5 hours and costs approx. 6.000 kSh for First Class per adult. You should book a few days in advance!


You can mainly choose between tuk-tuk or private taxis. The former are way cheaper. Here is a guide on how much to pay approximately:

from to per Person Private
 Diani Posta  Chandarana Supermarket 30 Sh 50 Sh
 Diani Posta  Diani Shopping Center 30 Sh 50 Sh
 Diani Posta  Carrefour Supermarket 50 Sh 100 Sh
 Diani Posta  Naivas / Ukunda 100 Sh 200 Sh
 Diani Posta  Mvureni / Galu 100 Sh 250 Sh
 Diani Posta  Soul Breeze / Galu 150 Sh 300 Sh
Frangipani Diani Shopping Center  - 100 Sh
Frangipani Chandarana Supermarket  - 100 Sh

It always is less expensive to call an actively driving Tuk Tuk from the main road rather than to chose one of the drivers that wait the whole day in front of the Supermarkets. Those will charge often 100% more.


Only Cozy Cat House and Hibiscus I have Smart TVs. They work only with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Instructions are to be found within those apartments. Call the staff if you need assistance to use them.


You are not obligated to give tips for daily cleaning as it is including in your rental rate. But of course every token gesture is highly appreciated, especially if every employee get's a small share and not just the chambermaids. Asante sana!



The Password is to be found within your Apartments Documentation. Ask the staff if you cannot access the Internet. If the Internet stops to work for more than 30 minutes, inform our staff and/or the Management immediately so that the issue can be resolved by the provider!


You can also call massage lady Deborah to come and visit you at our place. (+254 (0) 722 84 7769) She offers different massages, the most beloved one being the Whole Body Massage for 1.500 Sh per hour.